The Viking Press American first edition

The Viking Press first edition was published February 14, 1964

It most probably preceded the William Heinemann British first edition.

The Viking Press never reprinted its first edition or published any later editions, so all copies are first printings of the first edition.

I own the Advance Reading Copy pictured below, which Wilbur SIGNED for me.

It is in Very Good condition, and very scarce.

Advance Reading Copies are not bound in hardcovers.

Instead the textblock is bound with the original dust jacket as outer wraps.

I own a Review Copy, which has the insert shown below.

I own the hardcover copy pictured below, which is in Fine condition--nearly flawless.

I also own two more copies, both of which Wilbur signed for me.

Wilbur gifted his younger sister, Adrienne, a copy of the American first edition, and dated it February 3, 1964. This is the earliest dated signed copy of WHEN THE LION FEEDS that I have ever seen, and had Wilbur had access on February 3, 1964 to a Heinemann British copy, he most assuredly would have instead given Adrienne a copy. Because he gifted an American copy, and because I have yet to see a signed Heinemann copy that Wilbur dated earlier than February 3, 1964, I declare The Viking Press first edition to be the true first edition, published before any other edition.

I used to own the copy that Wilbur gifted to Adrienne, but in an error of judgment, sold it for $2000 at a time when I needed money.

The first paperback edition published by Fawcett Crest also declares the publication date of The Viking Press' first edition to be February 14, 1964.