1861 - The Okavango River

The first British edition was published in London in 1861 by Hurst & Blackett. Harper & Brothers published the first American edition in New York in 1861.

The Harper edition is preferable, for it has a map and the same number and quality of illustrations as the Hurst edition.

Below are images of the first British edition, which is difficult to find in original cloth binding in nice condition.

I sold off the copy that I once owned, but kept my copies of the Harper edition.

Below are images of my copies of the American first edition. I have two different bindings.

I also have an ex-library copy that is taller than the other two and has untrimmed page edges on the fore and bottom edges. This is a mystery to me. Maybe there is a third binding that I have yet to see.

My copy above, the one to the left is not my copy.

Frontispiece and vignette-decorated title-page, and then plain title-page dated 1861.

The fabulous illustrations included in THE OKAVANGO RIVER

The map included in the Harper edition.