The Wade Burgess Collections

I love to read books related to southern Africa and Nile exploration

I love to collect first editions and illustrated editions of books that I read

I want to inform other collectors with photos and text, and showcase the book collections that I have spent over two decades building

You will enjoy my website the most if you browse it using a regular computer and monitor, or large tablet

Click any portrait below to see photos of excellent-condition copies of each author's books

Many images are of books in my personal collections

H. Rider Haggard

Samuel White Baker

Cynthia Stockley

Bertram Mitford

Wilbur Smith

Sarah Gertrude Millin

Charles John Andersson

Bryce Courtenay

Henry Morton Stanley

A.W. Drayson

Ernest Glanville

I cannot find a photo of him anywhere

Gertrude Page

F.E. Mills Young

I cannot find a photo of her anywhere

Alan Scholefield

Tony Park

F.S. Brereton

John Hanning Speke

James Augustus Grant

David Livingstone

Brigid Knight

William Baldwin

Daphne Rooke

John Gordon Davis

Percy Fitzpatrick

Stuart Cloete

F.C. Selous

Beverley Harper

Robert W. Krepps